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Coming soon:  NEW Mathematics Standards
Timeline ~
2015-2016:  State adoption of new standards
2016-2017:  Examine new standards and begin written curriculum changes. (2009 standards assessed)
2017-2018:  Crosswalk year:  2009 and 2016 standards included in written & taught curriculum (2009 standards assessed) 
2018-2019:  Full implementation year:  2016 standards are taught & assessed 
Computer Adaptive Testing ~
Grades 3, 6, 7, and 8:  Refer to the VDOE website for:  overview, narrated videos, test blueprints, and practice test. 
Quantile Framework for Mathematics
Strategies for Minimizing Testing Times and Improving Performance on the Mathematics Standards of Learning Tests: Memo and Attachment

  Standards, Curriculum Framework,Blueprint

  Sample Lesson Plans

  Instructional Videos

  Instructional Resources/Vocabulary Cards

  Using Statewide SOL Results to Guide Instruction*

  Released Tests (NOTE:  These do NOT align with 2009 standards.)

  Mathematics SOL Practice Items*

  Mathematics VMAST Practice Items*

  Narrated demonstration of TEI Items*

  Mathematics Practice Tool*