Mrs. Mistie Aistrop-Vanhook
Students working in lab
My goal is to use technology to support the Standards of Learning taught by the classroom teachers as well as teach the Technology Standards of Learning.
All students are taught computer technology and internet safety lessons. Keyboarding is taught in grades 3 through 5.
Kindergarten through Second Grade do many activities in Microsoft Word, Kid Pix, and Kidspiration. They also do JumpStart First, Second Grade, Letterbugs, and online activities from the Internet. Third through Fifth Grade students type for 10 minutes using Mavis Beacon at the beginning of each class to reinforce using correct typing technique. They will be doing projects in Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel, and Powerpoint this year. They will be doing JumpStart Third Grade, Fourth, Grade, and Fifth Grade as well. We have been learning Internet safety and have been doing online activities from the Internet. All activities and projects done in the lab use Technology Standards of Learning and we reinforce the standards that the students are learning in their classrooms.
Last Modified on November 14, 2007