Mrs. Melissa Cooper-Art 


          I am a painter and art historian who is facinated with

          Outsider Art.

          I have taught at Shelburne for 13 years.   

          As an art teacher, I want to give students the opportunity to

          look at the world and art in new ways. 






    Welcome to Art at Shelburne!





    Art 6

    This course is a 9 week exploratory class designed to give students a basic knowledge of the fundamentals and principles of art.  Student will read about, write about and create art. 


    Art 7 and Art 8

    These courses are semester classes designed to give students a chance to explore different artists, styles and artforms through reading, writing and creating.  Each course builds on the students learning from the year before.




         7th        art ii      

    Art II is offered in 7th and 8th grade to give students an additional semester to grow as young artists. 

    Art II provides opportunites for students to work as a community of artists and a chance to hone individual skills.  



    To access information about what students are doing each week or check assignments for the week please use the following link: ShelburneArt 


    Please feel free to contact me at school by calling 332-3930, by e-mail, or through Remind: