Red Ribbon Week- the last full week in October
    The focus of Red Ribbon Week is to encourage students to be drug and alcohol free.  We provide many activities throughout the week to promote making good decisions. 


    Tips for parents/guardians:

    -Talk with your child often about the reasons to avoid drugs and alcohol-the facts, risks, and long-term effects they can have on their life.
    -Get to know their friends and the friends' parents/guardians-Be involved as much as possible!
    -Discuss with your child "a plan of action" of how to contact you or a designated adult if they find themselves in a situation where drugs or alcohol are present.
    -Encourage open dialogue with you child about their thoughts, concerns, and/or experiences.
    -Make sure children who are unattended for periods during the day or evening "feel your presence."  Give them a schedule and set clear limits on their behavior.
    -Talk to them about peer pressure. The following suggestions are from www.howtolearn.com: 

    Help teens resist peer pressure by letting them know:

      • They have the right to say, “no”
      • They can be assertive and firm without being angry
      • They can use a strong voice, stand up tall, and look their peers in the eye.
      • It is important to tell people how they feel
      • It is always an option to walk away
      • Adults have peer pressure, too.  Give them examples that you have faced. 
Last Modified on July 23, 2019