• Shelburne's Bullying Prevention
    Every day, Shelburne staff promotes an anti-bullying atmosphere by teaching kindness, empathy and respect.  Our success block program includes character education.  Shelburne students sign a "Bullying Prevention Pledge" at the beginning of the year that includes the following:
    1.  I will respect others.
    2.  I will help students who are bullied.
    3.  I will include students who are left out.
    4.  I will report bullying to an adult.
    Success teachers discuss these four points with the students at the beginning of the year in success block, and then we focus on bullying prevention several more times throughout the year during success block. 
    In the past, we have had speakers (such as John Halligan) come in to encourage children not to bully, to discuss the lasting consequences that can happen when bullying occurs, and to discuss how to intervene.
    We encourage you, the parent/guardian, to discuss with your child the importance of demonstrating empathy, tolerance, and kindness. 
    We encourage students to report bullying immediately; however, if your child reports bullying to you, please call the administration or counselor as soon as possible.
    Bullying is REPETITIVE actions, such as name-calling and rumor spreading, that cause another person to feel bad about him/herself.  When a counselor or administrator is notified, information is gathered from witnesses/others involved.  Parents are called if they did not initiate the notification, and there is concern for the student's safety and well-being.  If the victim agrees and the situation is appropriate, the students can have mediation to attempt to resolve the issue.  Teachers are informed of the bullying in order to monitor the students.  A plan is created to continue monitoring and supporting the students to make good decisions.  Administrative consequences are implemented when deemed necessary.
Last Modified on August 26, 2014