School Nurse Services
    The office of the school nurse is equipped with basic first aid supplies to cover minor injuries and discomforts thus allowing students to continue with their school day uninterrupted. SCS nurses provide assessment and decision making for more extensive medical issues which may result in either contacting a parent, assisting a student in contacting their health care provider or calling the Staunton-Augusta Rescue Squad depending upon the medical need. SCS nurses adhere to Standards of Care as part of their professional practice while providing the following services to students within SCS:
    • Promote health and safety
    • Monitor health status and trends
    • Provide acute and emergency health care
    • Assist in performing state mandated health screenings
    • Plan and implement in-school care for students with chronic or on-going illness
    • Administer or supervise medication administration
    • Provide health care counseling and education
    • Review student health records for compliance with state mandates
    • Facilitate communication between school, parents, and health care providers and/or community resources and
    • Facilitate student access to health care providers
    Medication Policy
    SCS encourages medication to be administered at home if possible. When medication is needed during school hours, parents/guardians must adhere to SCS Medication Medication Use and Administration procedures and complete/return the Medication Permission Form to the school nurse. For more detailed information regarding SCS medication policy, please refer to http://stauntonk12.net/policymanual/#JHCD.