Open House August, 2009
     Open House
    Spirit Week October, 2009
    Spirit Week
    BessieFest October, 2009
    Donuts for Dads, October 2009
    Donuts for Dads
    Halloween Costume Parade October, 2009
    Halloween Parade
    CSI Bessie Fall, 2009
    CSI Bessie
    Living With the Indians Fall, 2009
    Living With the Indians
    5th Grade to Frontier Culture Museum December, 2009
    Once on a HouseTop Holiday Program December, 2009
     Once on A Housetop
    Kindergarten's March for a Playground January, 2010
    Family Fun Night February, 2010
    Family Fun Night
    Dr. Seuss Hat Day March, 2010
    Seuss Hat Day
    9 Week Reward Trip April, 2010
    Playground Ribbon Cutting Ceremony April 21, 2010
    Go Fish Music Performance April 27, 2010
    MacBeth Drama Performance April 29, 2010
    Teacher Appreciation Day Picnic May 5, 2010
    Ice Cream Social/Open House May 6, 2010
    Open House
    Muffins for Mom May 12, 2010
    Muffins for Mom
    Field Day June 2, 2010
    Field Day
Last Modified on March 3, 2010