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                         5th grade graduation

    Bessie Weller Elementary School's PAT gave every student $5.00 to spend at the Green Valley Book Fair. The whole school visited the Book Fair in shifts so the students could purchase their books. Students really enjoyed picking out and reading their new books.
    GVBF Collge
    Bessie Weller had a Halloween Costume Parade on October 29th. Below is a slideshow of Kindergarten through Second Grade's costume parade.


    The 5K was in honor of Madee.  The Madee project is a non profit foundation that provides support to pediatric cancer patients and their families in Staunton, Waynesboro, and Augusta County areas. Click here to visit their website:
    Pictured left to right:
    Jamila Belle-Fifth Grade
    Tiffany Eimers-Special Education
    Jenny Miller-Fourth Grade
    Candi Kincaid-Guidance Counselor
    Betsy Conyers-ESOL
    Sally Hayes-Speech Pathologist
    48 4th and 5th graders attended the first practice session for our 24 Math Game!  Special thanks to Mrs. Linda Mahler and Mrs. Jennifer Hackley for coordinating the practice sessions!
    24 Math Game 1
    24 Math Game 2
    Former Bessie Weller Principal, James Kivlighan, visited Bessie Weller to speak to 4th grade students in Ms. Nicole Barbano's class about the history of Bessie Weller for a project they are working on. They are writing articles for a class magazine about life at Bessie Weller on topics ranging from teachers and student life to ghost stories and Caught Bee-ing Good.
    The kids were so excited to meet the former principal of Bessie Weller, who was principal for 33 years, and to meet the man who our gym is named after. He shared some great stories and talked with the kids about the importance of school and a good education. 
    Mr. Kivlighan
    Pictured above, former Bessie Weller Principal James Kivlighan, with 4th grade teacher Nicole Barbano and her students

    Mr. Dwight Huyard, a fourth grade teacher at Bessie Weller, is using "Trout in the Classroom" to teach his students about nature and caring for the environment. Under his supervision students will watch eggs hatch and monitor their growth. They will observe physical and behaviorial development as the fish evolve into fry and fingerlings.They will also be responsible for feeding the fish and testing the water and maintaining their environment. This program is from Trout Unlimited. In the spring, with the cooperation of the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, students will release the trout in a nearby stream and perform on site water quality and macroinvertebrate tests.
    Spirit week  
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