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Nutrition Information

Welcome to the Staunton City Schools Nutrition Resources Page. Here you will find links to the School Nutrition Program’s Newsletters, Brochures, Monthly Messages, and a few other helpful links. To navigate through the page click on the title of the resource you would like to view.

Healthy Snack Recipe Cards

     Mini Pizza/Mini Veggie Pizza


     Poppy Seed Dipping Sauce/Fresh Fruit Kiwi and Banana Dip

     Yucatan/Maple-Peanut Dipping Sauces for Fruit Kebobs

     Black Bean Brownies/Peanut Butter Banana Roll-up   

                                Little Chef
Monthly Nutrition Messages

      Broccoli crownSeptember - Fast Foods


Healthy Families Make Healthy Schools Brochures

Fit Future Parent
Newsletter Series Vol 4