• The URL for Quizlet is https://quizlet.com/
    We use quizlet for studying vocabulary.  Sign in with your google account.
    The URL for the Quia Profile Page is
    We use Quia for our quizzes and tests.  There are also vocabulary games on this website as well.
    The URL for the ScienceFusion Textbook Series is
    The ScienceFusion website is our digital textbook.  There is an online copy of the textbook (.PDF format) here as well as an audio feature that will read the textbook, or students can have their read & write chrome extension read the .PDF version to them if they do not like the audio the textbook company provides.  The digital paths and virtual labs are an interactive way to learn each lesson.  Not all lessons will have a virtual lab.
    Fill out the information requested using the drop down menus.
    The username and password for thinkcentral are your student's lunch number.
    Click on "My Library"
    The online textbook is the last one in the list.
    Electronic Student Edition (eSE) - Life, VA Electronic Student Edition (eSE) - Life, VA
Last Modified on November 7, 2018