Upon verbal or written notice of resignation, retirement or separation, the Human Resources Department will contact the employee to notify the employee of the Exit Process. During the Exit Process, information will be provided on insurance, retirement benefits, and final payroll processing.

    Exit Process
    1. Notify Human Resources Department of your intention to resign, retire or separate from Staunton City Schools.
    2. You will then be required to complete the Request for Termination of Employment form through TalentEd Records. This form form requires electronic signatures from your principal/supervisor, the Director of Human Resources and the Division Superintenent. Upon final approval, your name will go before the Staunton City School Board for final action.
    3. Complete the SCS Exit Interview Questionnaire through TalentEd Records.
    The SCS Exit Interview Questionnaire is confidential and voluntary and will be used by the Human Resources Department to identify trends as to why people are leaving which may lead to changes in employment practices designed to improve Staunton City Schools work environment and improve employee relations.

    The questionnaire will be maintained within the Human Resources Department. Principals and supervisors are not given access to view the questionnaire completed by employees. Collective comments, suggestions and concerns non-specific to a person, that could be helpful, may be shared with schools and departments. If there are any legal, policy or procedure issues identified during the exit interview or noted on the questionnaire that need to be addressed, this information will also be shared with the appropriate individuals.
    For questions/assistance, please contact:
    Jonathan Venn, Director of Human Resources