• Class Dojo
    Students and Families - 
    This year our Third Grade team is using the website Class Dojo for tracking behavior management.  As part of our focus on involving students in tracking progress, I'm incorporating the site to help track behavior.  More information will follow during the first part of the year.
    Class Dojo allows me to sign up our class for accounts where they have a character or avatar to represent them in the list.  During the day, students can add or subtract points according to what is happening.  For instance, students who have completed their homework will add a point, those who have not will subtract one.  Helping friends and working with others earns positive points, being disrespectful or a distraction will subtract a point.
    Students will be able to accumulate points and "turn them in" for prizes like picking from the treasure box, lunch with me in the classroom, bringing a stuffed animal to class, etc.  We will also work toward class goals and prizes!
    For you as families, this is a great website.  You can access your parent account via computer, smartphone, or tablet.  Additionally, I will easily be able to send notes through the website directly to your email.  
    I think this is a great tool as we will be able to communicate easily, address problems as they arise, and celebrate our successes!
    More information will follow regarding log-ins, etc. but please feel free to explore the Class Dojo website in the meantime.
    Ms. Early