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    Course Description:

    Practical Law is a semester long social studies elective that serves as an introductory course to law and legal systems in the United States.   Units will include…

    1. Introduction to Law

    2.  Constitutional Law

    3. Criminal Law and the Criminal Justice Process

    4.  Civil Law (Torts, Contracts and Family Law).


     As an Elective course, Practical Law is a survey. We will touch on broad and specific legal topics to give students a better understanding of law and how it affects you in real life. We will use case studies, individual research, group discussion / debate, guest speakers and mock trials throughout the course in order to reach our goal. We will also venture out into the Portland legal community to see law in action. Dueling opinions and lively debate should be the norm in this course making the class fun, enriching and meaningful.



     Civics and Government

     • U.S. Government Demonstrate an understanding of the basic structures and processes of U.S. government.

    • U.S. Political System Demonstrate an understanding of how to participate in the U.S. political system.

     • Rights and Responsibilities Demonstrate an understanding of the rights and responsibilities of a citizen in a democratic republic


    Grading requirements: All work must be turned in on time to receive full credit.  Ten points will be deducted daily for late assignments (if accepted). Grades will be averaged. Quizzes count once, tests or projects count twice in the average.


    Homework: Homework is to be used to aid in classroom instruction. Homework may be assigned as a completion of work begun in class.  Assignments will be graded and count as a quiz grade.   Late homework will not be accepted.


    Conduct expectations: Conduct grades are seriously considered before they are assigned according to the following criteria:

     A(Excellent)   B( good)  C(needs improvement)  D(parent conference requested)   F( unsatisfactory)


    Timeline for assessments:     Google Classroom will be utilized to deliver assignments and work in class and out of class.   All notes and information are available online.   Daily Quizzes, homework, tests, projects, and assignments are all available online.



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