• Hi everyone!
    We had a GREAT first day!  Thanks for sending all students in well-rested, good-humored, and ready to rock and roll!
    We started off reviewing some classroom procedures and getting to know one another.  The "Get to Know Me" brown bags are great!
    Our class had library today and learned the rules of how to handle the books and how to act in the library.  Unfortunately the computer system was down so students weren't able to take any books home.  However, we return on Tuesday and the system should be up by then.
    We talked for a long time about behavior and expectations in our classroom and explored the Class Dojo website.  More information will go home in the Tuesday folder.  Everyone ended on positive points today!
    I am in the process of going through the returned paperwork, and if any additions need to be made, the folders will go home again with directions.  Thanks for tackling it!
    Students have their planners for the year (which they were actually excited about!) and our homework tonight is two-fold.
    1.  Read for 20 minutes (to mom and dad, grandparents, brothers and sisters, whoever is available.)
    2.  Tell family *2* things about what we did today.  There should be no "nothings" around the dinner table this evening as our day was jam-packed with hands-on learning.
    I'm off to get ready for Day 2!
    As always, please feel free to contact me.
    Thanks again,
    Ms. Early