• Hello!
    Day Two was great again!
    We opened some more "Me" bags today to learn about one another and played a fun action game to help remember names.  Our special was Art so make sure to ask about their projects!  In math we did more problem solving, concentrating on following a process and using "Math Talk" to discuss how we solved.
    The highlight of the day, however, seemed to be the Gummy Bear Lab!  We checked in on our bears to see if the water, vinegar, baking soda, and salt water would change our bears.  I'll be posting pictures soon and we'll be putting our lab posters up in the hallway for everyone to see!
    We read another poem and talking about metaphors, like "Our brains are like computers."  
    There were some questions about the "50 Item Project" which I'll be sending a note home about tomorrow.  We'll be using 50 items to work on sorting groups of items and such.  If you are able to help your student gather 50 like items such as q-tips, pennies, marshmallows, etc. please send them in on Monday.  If not, please don't worry, we'll find items at school.  Thanks for your help!
    On a more practical note, there are still some packets of registration materials at home.  Please send these in as you are able.  
    Thank you so much!
    Ms. Early