• Staunton City Schools Elementary Expectations:

    As students we will Behave appropriately at all times,  Excel in all that we do, Show respect and act responsibly, and Treat others with kindness.


    *Please check your child’s communication folder daily.*


    If your child receives a sticker/stamp/check on the calendar for the day this means that he or she has completed their assignments and followed school rules and is deserving of great praise.


    Should your child choose not to follow school rules a number will be written in the box for that day to explain what happened.  If needed, I will also send a note or call home.



    Compliment your child for a great day and encourage them to keep it up!


    Chose not to be a good listener during instruction


    Chose not to complete work


    Chose not to keep hands to self


    Chose not to be a good friend


    Chose not to use classroom materials appropriately