• About CCCA:

  • The Commonwealth Center for Children & Adolescents (CCCA) is a 48-bed acute mental health facility serving those 3-18 years of age. All patients admitted to CCCA of school age are enrolled in the education program upon admission and are offered a full day of school. Classes are comparable to the schedule the student was enrolled in prior to admission, with special education services being delivered to those eligible students as outlined in their Individual Education Program. GED preparation and on-line learning options are also available to meet the needs of the students.

    The education program at CCCA is a state-operated program through the Virginia Department of Education; staffed by teachers employed through Staunton City Schools.  All education staff are certified in their content area and/or special education.  In addition to receiving academic instruction as outlined by the Virginia Standards of Learning, students have the opportunity to participate in Art/Music therapy, technology and Character Education activities.  (Please see the photo tab for a sample of the various activities.)

    Upon discharge from CCCA, an Education Transfer Summary is sent to the Local Education Agency (LEA), the home school and the parent/guardian.  This summary includes grades, class attendance, instructional objectives covered and, when applicable, a narrative about how the student progressed while enrolled in the education program.

    The goal of the education program at CCCA is to work collaboratively with the clinical/hospital staff to meet the student's emotional and academic needs.  All classrooms incorporate sensory strategies such as the use of a ball chair, fidget items, gum, and opportunities for movement, to help the students be successful.