Dual Enrollment English 111 and 112 SEMESTER
    Welcome to Dual Enrollment English!!  This class is worth 6 college credits.   Make sure you pay $$$$ for both courses. There will be A LOT of writing and reading, so manage your time wisely, plan ahead, and edit your work!  
    You must maintain a C average to continue to DE 112.  
    Juniors:  Yes, you have 2 SOLs to pass this semester for graduation.
    Late Work will NOT be accepted at all.  This is a weighted college course.  If you cannot complete the work then consider another option ASAP.  This grade will follow you FOREVER, so put forth your best effort.
    Be in class.  Pay attention.  Allow me to teach.  Allow others to learn.      
    Please follow the attached syllabus.   

Last Modified on October 5, 2019