• Letterland Homework


    In first grade, we will use Letterland, just like Bessie Weller students used in Kindergarten. 

    We will have word study homework Monday through Friday to prepare students for the spelling test on Friday. 


    Day 1: Read words and sentences twice.

    Day 2: Look, say, cover, write page - This page can be confusing. Students write the word from their List. They cover it up and write it in the middle column. If they wrote it correctly, they put a check in the small box. They cover the word again and write it again in the next column. If they get it correct, they put a check in the small box. If they are still mispelling the word, they look at the word and spell it correctly on the back of the page. *Please use the dry erase marker and write on the sheet protector.

    Day 3: Write 5 sentences. Have children use the list words and/or tricky words to write interesting sentences. It's okay to have spelling errors now, we'll keep working toward correct spelling as the year progresses.

    Day 4: Practice Spelling Test. Give your child a spelling test and see how they do. We've been talking about these words all week and it's time to show what they know!

    Day 5: Spelling Test at school. It's time to put their hard work to the test. 


    If you have any questions about homework, please feel free to email me at arawley@staunton.k12.va.us.