Mrs. Alyssa Martin



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Alyssa Martin

Formerly Alyssa Treser; I was recently married.  I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Go STEELERS)! I moved here after graduating from La Roche College. This is my 7th year teaching.  I have taught in the middle school setting as well as the elementary setting; both general education and special education settings.


 As a Special Education teacher here at McSwain, I work closely with all grade levels to ensure students have equal access to grade level curriculum.  It is my job to ensure all students identified have equal opportunity to successfully complete and master grade level content.  I co teach with the general education teachers and provide intensive small group instruction for various skills needed by my students and their Individualized Education Plan. 


 As well as a special education teacher at McSwain, I am also the chair of the Student Support Team (SST).  The SST committee is a committee of parents and teachers who meet, create and implement goals and support systems in order to help struggling students.  This is a process that is ongoing and is used to ensure every child receives the education and support they need to be successful learners.   If you have any questions about the IEP process or the Student Support Team, please feel free to contact me via email anytime.