• About the Plan

    Staunton City Schools (SCS) formed a partnership and a plan with the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities (VCIC) and the Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge in the fall of 2017 to enhance inclusivity in our school division.

    View a presentation about the plan by Superintendent, Dr. Garett Smith  (download file). 

    The decision came after a recognition by the School Board and school administrators that SCS could do a better job of creating a welcoming, accepting and diverse environment that matches the Board’s values.

    We also recognize that it’s time to make an informed decision about the name of our high school. This plan will help us make an educated decision.

    We are approaching this process through an educator’s lens, listening carefully, engaging in respectful, intentional discourse and learning and growing together. Most importantly, student voices will be heard.

    The Processlisten learn

    With guidance from our partners, we’ve begun a yearlong educational process that involves everyone – administrators, staff, students and the broader Staunton community.

    Topics of discussion during this process include how students and staff fit in Staunton’s schools, how SCS employees can become aware of and address biases and prejudices and how the SCS family and the Staunton community feel about the high school name.

    The total cost of the training and educational process is $28,000, with the school division funding $18,000 and the Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge funding $10,000.



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  • Dr. Smith’s School Board Diversity Presentation

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