Frog Dissection Day!

Daily Schedule

  • Beginning of Class:

    1. Quietly and Calmly enter the room with all the class materials you need for the day
    2. Go to your seat
    3. Read the Daily Agenda for instructions
    4. Complete the Opener

    During Class Can Be:

    1. Note Taking
    2. Reading and Writing
    3. Drawing Visuals - mind mapping, illustrating sequences, comparing and contrasting ideas
    4. Completing a project
    5. Analyzing Graphics
    6. Participating in Group or Class Discussions
    7. Viewing Videos and Images

    End of Class:

    1. Wrap Up. Can write a question on your class dot if you have one when you're finished with the Wrap Up.
    2. Clean Up
    3. Push in Chairs
    4. Leave when bellrings