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    Mrs. Pollak


    AP Biology is designed to prepare you for the AP examination in Biology.  This course will allow you to pursue in-depth analyses of the biological concepts.  Because this course represents the equivalent of a college level introductory biology course, you can expect to be challenged by the material and in turn will be expected to keep pace with a demanding schedule of reading assignments and out-of-class assignments.  

    Bottom Line:

    This is a College Level Biology Course and Students are Expect to perform at College
    Level on all their work, and you should Expect that all work, quizzes and tests will be at a College Level.
    Students are expected to be prepared for each class session by Reading the assigned Chapter(s) completing the assigned homework, and coming to class prepared to Ask and Answer Questions.

    More information to come in the fall. : )



    College Board Link for AP Biology: https://apstudent.collegeboard.org/apcourse/ap-biology





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