life skills


  • Course Description:

    This course allows students to explore successful strategies for living independently. This is covered by actively participating in practical problem solving focusing on relating to others; applying financial literacy, managing resources in the areas of apparel, nutrition and wellness, and housing; using leadership skills to reach individual goals; planning for careers’ and making consumer choices in a global environment. We will be doing a lot of projects in this class after appropriate class time as been given it is the students responsibility to make up or complete projects on own time.  




  • Unit Topics:

    • Creating and Maintaining Healthy Relationships
    • Managing Resources to Achieve Goals
    • Investigating Career Development Opportunities
    • Making Responsible Consumer Choices
    • Managing Personal and Family Finance
    • Creating and Maintaining a Living Environment
    • Obtaining and Maintaining Clothing for Self and Family
    • Planning, Preparing, and Serving Nutritious Foods

    Materials needed:

    • Three ring binder or folder to keep course work.
    • Spiral notebook or loose leaf paper
    • Highlighter, pen, pencil