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Introduction to Early Childhood, Education, and Services

  • Course Description:

    Students are introduced to early childhood education career opportunities and explore topics such as child development, safe and healthy environments for children, and developmentally appropriate practice that supports child development. Leadership opportunities are available through the co-curricular student organization.




  • Unit Topics:

    • People, professional, and technology skills
    • Career and Technical Student Organizations (FCCLA)
    • Exploring Work-based Learning
    • Balancing work and family
    • Exploring Early Childhood Education
    • Exploring Early Childhood Education Careers
    • Analyzing Healthy and Safe Environments for children
    • Identifying Individual Characters and Skills Necessary for Career Success


    Materials needed:

    • Three ring binder or folder to keep course work.
    • Spiral notebook or loose leaf paper
    • Highlighter, pen, pencil