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Child Development and Parenting

  • Unit Topics:

    • People, professional, and technology skills
    • Career and Technical Student Organizations (FCCLA)
    • Balancing work and family
    • Analyzing Parenting Roles and Responsibilities
    • Ensuring a Healthy start for mother and child
    • Evaluating Support systems that provide services for parents
    • Evaluating Parenting Practices that Maximize Human growth and development.


    Materials needed:

    • Three ring binder or folder to keep course work.
    • Spiral notebook or loose leaf paper
    • Highlighter, pen, pencil
  • Course Description:

    Students enrolled in Child Development and Parenting focus on balancing work and family; analyzing parenting roles and responsibilities; ensuring a healthy start for mother and child; evaluating support systems that provide services for parents; and evaluating parenting practices that maximize human growth and development.