• VCIC Report Covers More Than High School Name Issue

    Posted by Dr. Garett Smith on 9/10/2018 3:00:00 PM


    Dr. Garett Smith The school division is looking forward to hearing from the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities and planning the appropriate next steps to further develop the inclusive and welcoming environment we’ve been cultivating in our school division.

    Tonight is all about listening and learning. The Board has no plans to take action on the name of the high school this evening.

    The Board and school administrators plan to take some time after VCIC’s presentation to carefully review their findings and recommendations and determine a course of action for creating a more inclusive and diverse school division through a strategic planning process. We’ll also post the report online at www.staunton.k12.va.us/diversity for the public to review after tonight’s presentation.

    It is important to note that VCIC’s work with Staunton City Schools over the last 12 months involved much more than gathering the community’s opinion on the high school name. From diversity training with all school employees to focus group discussions with students and staff about how they feel in Staunton’s schools, we anticipate learning significant information that will influence the Board’s and school administrators’ decisions for years to come.

    We also anticipate receiving a report on the community’s sentiments regarding the name of the high school. The collection of feedback we receive through this report and the input shared with the Board over the last several years will continue to inform the Board’s decision-making process. As stated last month, the Board plans to decide on the name before the end of the calendar year.

    Dr. Garett Smith, Superintendent
    Staunton City Schools

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  • What’s the Breakdown of the Estimated Cost for a Name Change?

    Posted by Staunton City Schools on 8/17/2018 12:20:00 PM

    Fair question. While the Staunton School Board hasn’t yet voted on whether to keep or change the name of the high school, the school division wants to be transparent about the potential costs of changing the name.

    First, here's a little background on how uniform replacements work at the high school level. Currently, athletic uniforms are replaced on a four-year cycle. The school alternates uniform purchases from year to year, and all athletic uniforms are not ordered at once.

    For example, home uniforms for boys basketball are scheduled to be replaced this year, but other basketball uniforms are not. Also, junior varsity teams wear hand-me-down uniforms, while varsity teams receive new uniforms.

    Uniform costs are typically funded through school activity funds and the high school’s booster club. However, if the school name changes, funds to replace all branded athletic apparel and equipment at once would come out of the school division’s budget instead.

    Here's a breakdown of the estimated cost


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  • FAQs: High School Name

    Posted by Staunton City Schools on 8/9/2018 3:10:00 PM


    To help the public understand the process the School Board is undertaking regarding the high school name, SCS is answering some frequently asked questions concerning the cost, timeline for making a decision and the validity of a referendum on the issue. Please download the FAQs for more information. 

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  • School Board Chair Explains Next Steps for High School Name

    Posted by Staunton City Schools on 7/12/2018 10:00:00 AM


    bill lobb

    We are proud of our citizens for the decorum and civility they demonstrated on Tuesday as they came together to share their opinions on the name of our high school. We’re also grateful to the community for taking the time to respectfully participate in the listening process led by the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities and hear contrasting points of view about a subject that is deeply emotional for so many.

    We encourage all citizens to continue the shining example of civility demonstrated on Tuesday. It is vital that each of us makes every effort to build relationships with our neighbors – and not only with those who look, think and live like us. Let us sincerely listen and learn from one another, demonstrate humility, and, most importantly, empathize. These qualities will only make us stronger as a community.

    Our yearlong process will soon culminate in a strategic planning process for diversity and inclusiveness in our school division, and the school board will ultimately decide on the name of the high school. However, that decision won’t occur until we’ve first received and evaluated a report from the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities on their findings. The organization began working with our school division nine months ago and has since collected significant feedback from students, teachers, school staff and Staunton citizens regarding the name of the high school and other matters concerning diversity and inclusivity.

    After we receive VCIC’s report in August, we’ll take time to carefully review and evaluate their findings and weigh all the implications of any potential decision, including the economic impact. In the meanwhile, we remain open to your feedback. Please visit www.staunton.k12.va.us/diversity to learn how you can continue to share your comments with us on these important topics.

    Bill Lobb, Chair
    Staunton School Board

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