• What is SecURLy://?


    Shelburne Middle School uses an app called Securly to keep students safe on their school-issued Chromebook. Securly monitors how students use the device and allows parents to see and control their child’s Internet activity.


    What are the key features?

    • You get a weekly email that has a summary of your child’s  web activity which includes the websites your child visited and the videos your child watched.
    • You can monitor the amount of time that they spent on their device weekly.
    • It allows you as the parent to block certain categories of websites.
    • It flags certain activity for self-harm and cyberbullying, but you as the parent must check this area of the app.


    How do I get the app?

    You can download the app for free for iOS and Android devices. The app is called “SecurlyHOME”. You will get an email from Securly with a name and password to create your account. We will use the email address that is in PowerSchool, our student information system. If you have a different email that you would like to use, please contact the front office to update/change your email.


    Once you have created your account, you will be able to log into the Securly Parent Portal. The parent portal has three categories on the left to choose from:

    1. Activity - This shows which websites the student has visited.
    2. Flagged - Shows posts made on social media that has been flagged by Securly as potentially relating to self harm or bullying.
    3. Settings - Allows you to block certain categories of websites while the device is not on school property.


    What if I need help with the App?

    If you need help with the app, please contact Securly’s parent support at help@securly.com. Our school has arranged support for you with Securly parent portal, so please email Securly directly.


    Is this optional?

    Securly is installed on all Chromebooks distributed through Staunton City Schools, however you can opt out of receiving weekly reports at anytime within the Securly parent portal.