• 9th Grade Honors English (2nd Semester)

    Robert E Lee High School

    Spring 2019

    English 9 Honors Syllabus - 3rd Block - Spring 2019

    Hello, and welcome to English 9 Honors!  I'm very excited to have you all in class this semester, and I look forward to exploring the world of composition and literature with you.  We will be doing a lot of reading and writing this semester, so I hope that you are prepared to work hard and stay focused.  The work we will be doing - The OdysseyRomeo and JulietThe Hero with a Thousand Faces and other works - will challenge you to work outside of your comfort zone, but the end result will be that you are much stronger reader and analyst of literature.  In addition we will do a LOT of writing.  This, too, will push you to achieve beyond your previous work, and in doing so you will become a much more effective communicator.  Above all I hope that the work we do will be engaging, informative, educational, and fun.  Come to class with a great attitude and we will have a great year!


    Poem / Excerpt of the Day