Only legal residents may attend the Staunton Public Schools without permission from the Superintendent of Staunton City Schools. A legal resident is one who lives with his natural parent or legal guardian within the Staunton city limits. Students who live outside Staunton City limits must write the superintendent of schools and request permission to attend school. The fee for out of city students is $1,000.
    Lee High School’s attendance policy was developed to emphasize consistency and promote student attendance. Regular attendance is necessary for maximum school achievement, development of positive work habits, and development of responsibility needed for the transition from school to the work force.
    Punctuality and dependability are valued habits in our society. Therefore, students need to be accountable for attending school every day and arriving at school, and all classes, on time. We believe that regular attendance increases students’ opportunity for success.
    Absences due to the conditions listed below will be excused. Documentation must be presented when the student returns to school for the following:

     ·        Attendance at a funeral

    ·         Subpoenaed court appearance

    ·         Observance of a religious holiday

    ·         Two college visits by a high school senior with other visit absences as approved by the administration

    ·         Verified chronic medical condition (as documented by a doctor)

    ·         Illness (A parent note will be accepted as excused for four days of illness per school year. After that, the absences must have a doctor’s note or a waiver as approved by the administrator.)

     NOTE: A doctor’s note will be required if the administrator determines a pattern of absences exists, or the absence procedures are being abused. Additionally, a doctors’ note may be required at any time at the discretion of the administrator.

    Students and parents are responsible for submitting documentation concerning student absences to the Lee High School Main Office.  Documentation must be submitted within seven (7) calendar days of the absence and will NOT be accepted after seven (7) calendar days. Failure to provide documentation upon return, or within the specified time frame, will result in the absence being listed as unexcused and will not be considered in any appeal process.


    When a student is absent, whether excused or unexcused, he or she is responsible for meeting with his or her teachers and making up all missed assignments. All missed assignments must be made-up within a reasonable amount of time. The “reasonable amount of time” is defined as the number of days absent plus one day, up to a maximum of 10 days.  


    School attendance is important for student learning and it is the law. In grades nine through 12, to earn credit towards graduation for any course a student must attend class regularly and complete all course requirements. Time in class is a requirement for graduation by the Virginia Department of Education. When a student misses five days (unexcused absences) in any course within a term, the student and his or her parent/guardian will be notified by school administration that any further unexcused absences will result in the possibility of the student being denied credit for the course. Students could still receive a grade, but would not be awarded credit due to a lack of required instructional time.  



Last Modified on September 19, 2014