• We are creating a diverse and inclusive community in Staunton City Schools by looking at all aspects of the educational experience for our students.

    The School Board’s 2017-2020 Strategic Plan lays out several actions the school division is taking to achieve educational equity, inclusion and diversity as follows:

    • Provide training for staff related to ​inclusive practices​, create equity teams, and connect with the community on topic of inclusivity. (VCIC) 
    • Incorporate ​Restorative Justice​ practices in school settings to create just and equitable learning environments, build and maintain healthy relationships, and transform conflict. 
    • Develop an ​Alternative to Suspension Program ​and other program offerings for students who thrive in different learning environments. 
    • Develop ​parent partnerships​ that advance their involvement in learning and social-emotional development for students. 
    • Explore and pursue opportunities for strategic collaboration with ​regional programs and services with institutions of higher learning and community organizations. 
    • Recruit and retain ​a​ ​diverse population of staff.