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    Whiteboard or Document Camera
    Two places to start:
    1. Most of you have used Zoom. Try setting up your laptop to record yourself at the whiteboard with Zoom recording. Be sure to turn off the mirroring setting in the Zoom app (settings in app,not on web).
    2. Document cameras can be plugged into your computer with a USB cable. They came with the cable, but if you cannot find it, fill out a tech work order. It is the cable most printers connect to computers with. Check your computer for the software called Sphere or Sphere2. You likely need to search the computer, not just go to the programs list. If you cannot find it, either reach out to me and I will help you look, or use tech work order to get it added. It can be pushed to computers, but you have to be on the school network for it to work.
    Sphere will allow you to record what you do either on the document camera or on its built-in whiteboard, including your voice. 
    In order to share with students, you will need to move the video file (Zoom or Sphere) to Google Drive from your computer. I recommend renaming that file for recognition/finding. Set the file sharing in Drive to be anyone in SCS with the link. Then share in Google Classroom.
    Lots more information on Instructional Videos here!
    What assistance do you need to get started? Reach out to Meneta for help!