General Information

General Information

  • In all classes I will be using Google classroom. The students will have the code to log on. If any gaurdian wish they can link their email to the student and be added in. This will allow you to view anything posted as well as missing and late assignments. Almost everything will be completed through google classroom at this time. 

    This year I will also be using FLIPGRID. This is a website that allows for students to create and post videos on topics given. No one outside the class will be able to view the videos. 


    Guardians and students may email me or contact me through remind. I will respond when I am able. To allow for easier Guardian teacher contact please fill out this form with your current and correct information. Guidaian Information Form


  • My grading policy is the same for all of my classes and is listed below. 


    My grading is on a points system. Classwork will range from 10-30, projects will ranges from 25-100, and test will range from 20-100 points.  Assignments should be turned in on time. Failure to turn in the assignment will result in a contact home and the opportunity to make up the assignment. If the assignment is still not completed a Zero will be given. Failure is not the end; it only means that you need to work towards moving up the grading ladder. You may re-do the assignment to earn the grade you want. I hope everyone strives for an A.