• Medical Systems Administration

    Course Syllabus


    Ms. C. Sereno




    Course Description:

    Students wishing to gain employment in the health care field may take this course to learn how to use medical terminology and apply administrative procedures necessary to be productive employees in a heath care environment. Students will learn how to manage office activities, develop medical documents, enhance communication skills, identify legal and ethical issues in health care practices, manage financial functions and enhance employability skills.


    Course Objectives:  Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:

    -         Conduct patient service activities.

    -         Understand coding and insurance billing procedures.
    -         Develop communication skills.
    -         Identify legal and ethical  issues in a health care practice.
    -         Learn and use medical terminology.
    -         Understand medical records.
    -         Maintain office activities and financial functions in a medical office.
    -         Schedule patients.
    -         Develop employability skills for the medical administration field.
    -         Investigate employment opportunities for healthcare positions.


    Required Materials/Supplies:


    • Notebook and folder or a 3-ring binder
    • Pen or pencil



    1. Regular class attendance is necessary for learning and successful completion of this course.
    2. Class attendance will be evaluated based on participation in Zoom class meetings and submission of assignments weekly.


    Communication: Please contact me through email, Google Classroom, Zoom, or Remind if you have any questions.


    Google Classroom Code:    crcdu3h


    Office Hours: Monday – Friday 2:00-2:30


    Grade Scale:


    A+ = 98-100

    C = 73-76

    A = 93-97

    C- = 70-72

    A- = 90-92

    D+ = 67-69

    B+ = 87-89

    D = 63-66

    B = 83-86

    D- = 60-62

    B- = 80-82

    F =59 and Below

    C+ = 77-79



    Make-Up Work:  The STUDENT is responsible for make-up work if class is missed.  All assignments and directions will be in Google Classroom. I will also be available during office hours to answer questions.  Failure to make up missed assignments will result in a grade of “F/0” for those assignments.


    Technology Assistance:  If you need assistance with technology, please complete the following form by clicking on the link.





    Zoom Expectations


          Be On Time - Join class a couple minutes early to ensure connection.

          Be Prepared - Have your computer charged or plugged in with camera on.

          Mute - Mute yourself when not speaking to eliminate background noise.

          Check Surroundings – Make sure you are in a quiet and appropriate environment.

          Be Respectful – Treat virtual meetings like a regular class.

          Presentation – Dress appropriately and sit up straight.

          Chat Responsible – Raise your hand to speak or type questions in the chat box.

          Participation – Focus on topic & actively participate in discussions.

          Communication – Speak clearly & look up when talking.




    Industry Certification:  Each student will be required to take the Workplace Readiness Skills (WRS) Certification Exam in this course.


    Resources:   Elsevier's "SimChart for the Medical Office".