• Virginia Advising Corps (VCAC)

    MissionIncreasing the number of low-income, first-generation, and underrepresented high school students who enter and complete higher education.

    Vision: Virginia College Advising Corps addresses structural inequities in the education system that have systematically advantaged some populations over others. We have a responsibility to our students, our communities, and our Commonwealth to understand how these historical injustices continue to impact current day opportunities and outcomes.  We are fierce advocates for low-income, first-generation, and underrepresented students, and believe that access to higher education is paramount to racial and economic equity.  We are working towards a day when race, socioeconomic status or zip code are no longer factors in educational outcomes.




    Our Staunton High School VCAC Adviser is Rodrigo Amestegui:                                                         


                                Hey everyone, my name is Rodrigo Amestegui, your VCAC adviser. As a first generation                          
    graduate, former college tutor and current Hispanic Scholarship Fund Mentor, I look
    forward to being a point of contact for students of Staunton High School and helping
    them construct a vision for their future after high school.
    I graduated from Randolph College in 2021 as a Communications major, and upon
    graduation was hired to take part of VCAC, an Americorps ran program that places
    recent graduates within high schools across the country. Our mission is to increase the
    number of first generation students, students with lower income or underrepresented
    backgrounds to successfully complete a higher education. I joined VCAC because
    teaching students fiscal awareness to advance past primary school makes me feel like
    I’m making a difference. I am here as a one on one resource and to take part in setting
    up college related events. If you would like to speak more about my role, set up a
    meeting, or simply talk about future plans, contact me at ramesteg@staunton.k12.va.us
    or connect with me on Instagram @ RamestVcac
    See you soon!                        


Last Modified on November 10, 2021