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    Staunton City Schools is a school division committed to its
    students and to providing an excellent educational program -
    where teachers value the uniqueness of each student and strive to challenge them daily.

    Known for its history, architecture,
    arts & culture, and culinary delights,
    Staunton is one of the best small towns in America.


    Located in the historic Shenandoah Valley, Staunton is one of Virginia's finest small cities, offering a more enjoyable lifestyle - with beautiful neighborhoods, large urban parks, a wide range of cultural amenities, award-winning healthcare, and a relatively lower cost of living.
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    Staunton boasts a thriving art and music scene, access to some of the best outdoor recreation on the East Coast, and one of the most authentic farm-to-table culinary experiences in Virginia. The walkable downtown boasts six historic districts and a dazzling variety of architecture. Shops, restaurants, theaters, and galleries are all independently operated, contributing to a rich and varied street life.