• Master English Teacher
    Mr. Shutt        
    I taught three years near Richmond in private elementary education, one summer in middle school, and since 2004 in high school.  I spent my childhood in upstate NY, graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University, and then I earned my Master's degree from Goddard College in Vermont.  I'm the guy to go to if you are interested in the Academic Team (where someone asks you really hard questions and you try to answer really fast).  
    School: You get out of it what you put in.  Therefore, if you do nothing then you get nothing, and you only have yourself to blame.    
    me and my girl   the fam
    Safety, Together, Respect, Invest, Visualize, Elevate
    Semester 1:
    Block 1:  9H (T-F 9:00 am)  
       Syllabus: SYLLABUS
       Googleclassroom (for essay submission): pwmyti3 
       See your Canvas for assignments, etc.
    Block 2:  Planning
    Block 3:  Dual Enrollment (semester), (T-F 11:30)  
       Googleclassroom: hc64cww 
       Syllabus: syllabus
    Block 4:  A: AP Literature (T and TH 12:30)
                        Syllabus: SYLLABUS
                        Googleclassroom: 2ui27wr
                   B: Dual Enrollment (year), (W and F 12:30)
                       Syllabus: Syllabus
                       Googleclassroom: 245uumz
    Office Hours: after 1:30
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