Chris Davis
    Chris Davis
    1st Block 
                                                                              2nd Block Driver's Education/PE 10
                                                          3rd Block Health/PE 9
            4th Block Block Driver's Education/PE 10 
    (540) 332-3926
    Requirements for Driver's Education
    The following is a message from DMV/VDOE concerning Virtual Driver's Education.  Please contact me with any questions

    The DMV/VDOE have approved public schools to provide equitable synchronous classroom driver education instruction with the face-to-face time verified by the school administrator. This synchronous delivery is intended to meet the required hour-for-hour/day-for-day instruction required by the Code for face-to-face classroom driver education. 


    This flexibility allows school divisions to continue teaching classroom driver education instruction under the following conditions:

    • All driver education instruction must follow the state-standardized curriculum approved by the VBOE as required by the Code of Virginia;
    • Instruction must be “face-to-face” (Zoom or another synchronous platform);Time must be documented;
    • The principal must verify that this Driver Education program meets the 36-period requirement;
Last Modified on March 19, 2021