• Mr. Marino
    David Marino
    Room 301
    10th and 11th Grade English
    Phone: 540-332-3926

    Fall 2021
    Schedule & Links to Google Classroom Resources
    B1: English 10 with Marino -- Google Classroom Code: asuyb37
    B2: Academy in the Cafeteria

    B3: Academy in the Library

    B4: English 10 with Wykes & Marino --- Google Classroom Code: kzujyiv

    Important Files & Links

    English 10 Syllabus: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b95gTwlEAczJWNEbz7mrDipW0ejfvBybN1NCLfKwqlk/edit?usp=sharing



    Learning Expectations & Procedures

    Academic Expectations and Policies:

      1. Google Classroom- Google classroom will be updated daily and contains information related to homework assignments and classwork.  Please make sure that you check this site each day in order to ensure that you have the most updated information.  
      2.  Essay and Project Submission- All written submissions will be submitted in Google Classroom.
      3. Academic Organizational System- Students will create and maintain an English 10 Portfolio in their Google Drive. 
      4. Plagiarism Cheating and plagiarism* are serious  offenses.  Cheating  or  plagiarizing on any school assignment or assessment will result in an automatic zero and appropriate disciplinary action. Please see the school policy for discipline measures resulting from academic dishonesty. *Any time you submit ideas, writings, or works from another source and present them as your own, you are guilty of plagiarism.

     Behavioral Expectations and Policies

    1. Participation- Students will participate actively and meaningfully in class activities and discussions.
    2. Attendance Policy- Attendance will be taken each day.  Students are expected to attend ALL of their classes.
    3. Electronic/ Mobile Devices and Earbuds/ Headphones- Upon entering the class, students should place their electronic devices away and out of sight. Personal mobile devices should remain away unless students are told to use them.  
    4. Dress Code- Students are required to abide by the school’s dress code during class time.
    5. Classroom Rule- Students will show respect for themselves, others, and the learning environment.


    Grading Expectations



     Materials List

    • School-issued Chromebook & hotspot (or personal computer and internet access)
    • Writing Utensil:  Pens (Black or Blue ink only) and/or Pencils
    • Loose-Leaf Paper (for taking notes, drawing organizers, etc.)
    • Independent Reading Book (for when you finish early on synchronous days)
    • 3-Ring Binder with Dividers (suggested for organization but not required)
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