•  Karen Quesenberry

    Hello!  I'm Ms. Quesenberry.

    Hi!  I'm Ms. Quesenberry.  I'm super excited to be here at Bessie Weller Elementary.  

    I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and having a fantastic year! 

     This year we are starting off virtually in this class.  That means we will meet 2 days a week online and students will complete classwork independently 3 days a week. Students will be receiving a schedule of how and when to login soon! 

     In order to do this, students will need to log in to their Google Tools and go to Google Classroom.  I've provided a video with some instructions here: 

     Every week, I will share a calendar of assignments on the calendar page here and on Google Classroom.  You will notice that some assignments repeat every day – these are daily practice assignments.  Students may have readings, audio files, or videos to use as part of their independent work days to assist them in completing at-home lessons.  Students should use their login information sheet to assist them in getting into websites for classroom use. 

    Every month, I will post a monthly newsletter here as well.  These newsletters will provide information about what we are doing in class, reminders of upcoming special events, and contact information.  

    August Newsletter

    Office Hours:

    During the school year, I will have daily office hours for phone calls and video chats with parents.  During the week, I will be available from 1-2:30 on Mondays and from 2:00-3:00pm on Tuesdays through Fridays. You can call the school to reach me at these times.  Of course, you can always send me a message using Remind or an email to kquesenb@staunton.k12.va.us and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  

    Student Independent Work:

    Students are expected to complete their own work.  This is very important!  Students can only learn through taking risks, making mistakes, and learning from them.  We work hard to promote a positive classroom experience, where students can feel comfortable getting messy and continually improving.  Learning is a lifelong process, and we are always able to improve.  Students will never be ridiculed or scolded for doing their best – instead we seek to praise students for their hard work and encourage continuing efforts. Please encourage your child to work as independently as they can, so that they can learn.  Students will have an opportunity on many assignments to indicate their level of independence in completing the assignment; please encourage your child to answer this question honestly.  This is not a disciplinary question, but to help teachers better assist students.

Last Modified on August 21, 2020