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    The mission of our Counseling Program at Staunton High School is to provide all students with the opportunity to acquire the attitude, knowledge, and skills for academic, career, and personal/social development in a safe and supportive environment. The comprehensive school counseling program will educate and empower a collaborative community of learners to achieve academic success and become life-long learners prepared to meet the challenges in our ever-changing, global community.

     Our website provides information to Staunton High School students and families on a wide variety of topics.  By using the links to the left, you can find detailed information to a broad array of topics.  Thank you for taking advantage of this resource.

    Staunton High School Counseling Staff
    Ms. Amanda Francis - Director of Counselor-Students J-L 
    Ms. Morgan Clark - Counselor Students A-I
    Ms. Allison Hahn - Counselor-Students M-Z 
    Mr. Brett Peters-Career Coach 
    Ms. Mary Evans Lott -GRASP Coordinator 
    Ms. Melissa VanFossen- Registrar/Guidance Secretary 
    Contact Information:
     Ms. Amanda Francis, Director of Counseling, Students J-L
      E-mail: afrancis@staunton.k12.va.us


      Ms. Morgan Clark, Counselor, Students A-I
      E-mail:  mclark@staunton.k12.va.us


     Ms. Allison Hahn, Counselor, Students M-Z
      Mr. Brett Peters, Career Coach
    Ms. Mary Evans Lott, GRASP Coordinator
    E-mail:  melott@staunton.k12.va.us
     Ms. Melissa VanFossen, Registrar/Counseling Secretary 
    Office Hours: 7:30 - 4:00
     Phone: 540-332-3926
    Fax: 540-332-3994
    At times our office can be extremely busy.  In order to ensure that we are able to provide you with the best possible assistance, please email Ms. Vanfossen to schedule an appointment
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