• A Message from the Principal

    Jennifer Morris, Principal

    Community, Consistency, Challenge

     The middle school years are certainly a crucial time of intellectual, emotional, and social development. At Shelburne, we believe our purpose is to provide students with a rigorous, engaging learning environment while fostering positive growth in social and emotional behaviors and attitudes.

     COMMUNITY – Shelburne has an outstanding team of educators who work passionately and tirelessly to provide students an environment for success—a community where we focus on the development of each child. Our staff strives to build relationships that promote confidence, positive self-esteem, and the motivation to believe, succeed, and achieve.

     CONSISTENCY – At Shelburne we believe that learning best takes place in a well-disciplined, safe, and structured environment.

     CHALLENGE – With an emphasis on rigor and engagement, the Shelburne staff challenges all students to achieve at a high level of academic performance.  

     We recognize that the middle school years are a time of significant growth and development and that this growth is best supported when the school, our families, and the community work together for the success of our students. I invite you to join us at any time as we strive to make the middle school years rewarding and meaningful for EVERY CHILD, EVERY DAY.

Last Modified on July 11, 2015