• Mrs. Carla Spielman - Science 7
    Please feel free to contact me at the school 540-332-3930 or through email cspielma@staunton.k12.va.us
    A complete copy of the current Life Science Standards of Learning can be found at  http://www.doe.virginia.gov/testing/sol/standards_docs/science/2010/courses/stds_life_science.pdf
    On the calendar page you will find the dates for all the unit tests for this year as well as homework for the unit we are currently studying.  All test dates listed on the calendar are subject to change due to weather or other events.  These dates are the expected dates right now and will be updated as needed.  
    All the pages for the science notebook will be downloadable so you can retrieve anything your child may have lost.  Your child will need to keep a science binder with all the notes and important information in it.  The notebook will need to be brought to class daily. 
    The science textbook is a workbook type textbook and will be written in.  It will stay in the classroom throughout the year and the students will pull out the pages for the lesson we're working on at the time to take home and complete anything that needs to be finished at home.  Once each textbook lesson is completed, it can be stored in the classroom with the textbook so it is not lost and can be used to study for the unit assessments and end of year exam.  5 points will be taken off for each time I have to give a student another copy of a lesson.
    The supplies that need to be brought to class daily are:
    science notebook (small 3 ring binder)
    blue or black ink pen or pencil
    loose leaf paper
    homework (if there is any)
    book to read 

    Vocabulary Flashcards are attached below for each of the units in the textbook.  These need to be printed front to back so the vocabulary word matches the correct definition.  When looking a the fronts of the pages, the definition will not match up the word unless they are printed off front to back.
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