• Welcome to Kindergarten!

    Kindergarten Teachers
     Mrs. Sams, Mrs. Odil, Mrs. Kornegay, and Mrs. Stroop
    kindergarten hands
    Welcome Kindergarten families!

    Meet the K teachers at Bessie!  Mrs. Odil, Mrs. Kornegay, Mrs. Sams, and Mrs. Stroop.  We, in Kindergarten are excited to welcome our students for the 2019-2020 school year! 
    Your child will experience a literature-rich environment in class each day.  We will be exploring interesting books and learning reading strategies that help students make sense of the world around them.
    Through big books, nursery rhymes, songs and poems, children will understand that letters make specific sounds, letters and their sounds make words, words are organized to form sentences, and sentences help us read text and communicate through writing.
    In addition, our math program allows students to reach understanding through trial and error activities, monitored by the teacher.   The K teachers will provide hands-on exploration using a variety of manipulatives each day, so students can make meaning of math concepts using various strategies.  We will explore shapes, patterns, rote counting, numeral identification, numeric order, combining sets of objects, measurement, time to the hour, coin identification and value.
    Your child will learn many social studies and science concepts that are pertinent to his/her world such as life cycles, the meaning behind our national holidays, how shadows are made, and national symbols, to name a few!
    We are excited to begin this year with your child!  Our focus is to provide whatever is necessary to equip your child with the conceptual background and academic skills necessary to be successful in future years in school.  We are working for you and your child! Please feel free to contact us with your questions or concerns.  We hope to make a difference in your child's life!
    Sincerely, Bessie K team