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    Hi, my name is Cara Hayes! I teach music to the 3rd-5th graders at Bessie Weller Elementary School, to the Kindergarten-5th graders at McSwain Elementary, and to the preschool students at Dixon Education Center. 

    In the music room, students experience the wonder of sound through singing, playing instruments, and moving.  They learn to work together and inspire others through their creative learning and performing. Music influences all people of all cultures, so this class teaches not only the technical side of music, but also about its impact on humanity. Students learn to collaborate and create in many different ways.

    Rotation Schedule:

    August 6-30 (Bessie Weller morning/Dixon afternoon)

    September 3- October 4 (McSwain) 

    October 8-November 8 (Bessie morning/Dixon afternoon)

    November 11- December 19 (McSwain)

    January 7-February 7 (Bessie morning/Dixon afternoon)

    February 10-March 6 (McSwain)

    March 9-April 17 (Bessie morning/Dixon afternoon)

    April 20-May 21 (McSwain)


    Performance Dates:

    November 7th- Bessie Weller 3rd-4th Grade Performance; 6:30pm "The Legend of Polar Mountain"


    December 18th- McSwain 3rd-4th Grade Performance; 6:00pm "The Legend of Polar Mountain"


    March 5th- McSwain 1st and 2nd Grade Performance; 6:00pm "Bremen Town Jam"




    Please feel free to contact my by email or phone during school hours!

    Email: chayes@staunton.k12.va.us

    Phone Bessie Weller: 540-332-3940

    Phone McSwain: 540-332-3936


Last Modified on October 17, 2019